Welcome to Hollaback! Istanbul 

We are an organization with two major beliefs. 

1- Every single person, regardless of age, gender, orientation, or 
form of dress deserves  the basic human right of being able to walk 
the streets without fear, free from harassment of any form, including 
physical or verbal. People are NOT objects, and no one has the right 
to treat them as such, especially in public spaces. 

2- The culture of harassment can be ended. The use of mobile 
technology and connectivity allows everyone to share their story, 
photos, and even video, and can affect a crowd-sourced cultural 
change. Through these messages, we can break the silence and send the 
message that any form of harassment is unacceptable. 

Hollaback! Istanbul is building an online and offline community to combat harassment, a community where everyone can help, share, advise, support, and learn.  Now that you’re here, why not help us in our mission; browse the stories, check out our resources, and raise awareness by sharing your own stories.

With your help, we have the power to end the culture of harassment!


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