RRRO’s Story: My guard was completely down

On Monday around 3pm in the afternoon I was in a home furnishing shop. I had my handbag on my left shoulder and I felt commotion on my left but an older gentleman came around on my right. He asked me to take notice of my hand bag. I pulled my bag from my shoulder and saw an enormous patch of spit on my purse. I was horrified and disgusted. I could not believe that someone had spit on me. I was disorientated and immediately upset. The older gentleman, who was well dressed, put on a sad face and made some declarations in Turkish about ‘impolite’ people. He asked me if I had a wet wipe and let me help you. My guard was completely down as he was older, well-dressed, and being germaphobic I was totally disgusted. I took out a wet wipe and he said hold the handle of your bag and he wiped it clean. Then while I was holding the handbag by the handle, he still had the bottom part in his hand, he said, ‘you have a lot on your back’. I had another handwipe in my free hand and I turned to look and wipe. As soon as I turned, he stepped closer to me, grabbed the waist band of my jeans and put his hand in my pants. He than ran away. Given the half turned position, the shock and horror of the whole thing, I had zero reaction. I was stunned. It even took me until to I came home and relaxed and thought about the sequence of events that I was able to evaluate what had happened to me.
I strongly believe that this person and many others target foreign women. Please take this as a warning to recognize this METHOD of OPERATION and if someone should approach you with something unpleasant on your clothes or purses, do not fall for it and become a victim!