Community Corner Needs You!

Hey there hollabackers!

We’ve had a great first couple of months, and the response has been absolutely terrific. We’ve seen an explosion of stories, both on this site and our sister Turkish site, and a whole heck of a lot of community support. Not only has Hollaback! reached Istanbul through this website, but we’ve also made quite a splash in the Turkish Media and through other social networking sites. (Keep tweeting and liking and +1ing away guys!)

But you know what? We still need you; any of you, all of you for our community corner section. Here you can share more than   your stories; tell us what you think, tell us what you want from your city, your community, tell us why you Hollaback. The community corner is our attempt to move our dialogue with Istanbul to the next level, and we’d love for your input.


Thanks and keep spreading the word: Together we can stop street harassment.

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