Our leaders

Ezgi Çinçin graduated from the Boğaziçi University Preschool Education Department. Her studies and interest in gender roles led her to Hollaback! İstanbul / Canımız Sokakta; now she is an active member of the movement as the Programs Director.

Attorney Nihan Güneli graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University’s Faculty of Law in 2009, and completed an Information and Technology L.LM. Program with honors from the same university in 2012. Nihan Guneli, founding partner at Guneli & Koc Law Firm, is a co-founder of Canımız Sokakta and is the legal counselor of the movement.  Whilst giving lectures and seminars on registered electronic mail and social media law at universities and public entities, she is also writing about intellectual property and information technology law for several publications. For legal inquiries regarding street harassment, please contact Nihan at [email protected].  You can follow Nihan on Twitter: @NihanGuneli


At the age of 24, Kacie Lyn Kocher founded Canımız Sokakta, seeking to engender localized, community-empowered solutions against street harassment. As the Director, she has dedicated herself to building a young women-driven organization that builds on Turkey’s zeal for gadgets to bring awareness to the pervasive problem that affects so many of us. Currently, a Master’s candidate at the London School of Economics, she now serves as the Long-term Sustainability Director.