What do we do?

With a multidimensional view of harassment, our work addresses economic autonomy, body image, and building the agency to respond to systemic challenges of rape culture and discrimination. In Istanbul, we approach harassment through working in three spheres: online, universities, the community:


We manage a Hollaback! blog, enabling us to map harassment stories, provide resources for victims and bystanders, and launch online campaigns with videos, pictures, and discussions. Check us out on Facebook  and Twitter.


Passionate that students are at the forefront of making substantial, lasting societal change, we started the safety campus project Canimiz Kampuste (‘we are alive on campus’) which has included panels, film screenings, workshops, and story walls at eight universities over four semesters. To bring Canimiz Kampuste to your campus, contact Ezgi at [email protected]


To cultivate community-wide discourse, we co-hosted a free community events that have included screening ‘Miss Representation’, story-sharing sessions moderated by a psychologist and lawyer, art nights.


Check out how the media has documented our activism!