What is Hollaback?

Started in NYC by seven men and women in 2005, the blog format allowed people who face the aggressive, hostile, and inappropriate environments, which is to say most people, to share their experiences. Virtually addressing the sexism, racism and homophobia we see on the streets, Hollaback has grown into a global movement based on confident responses and mounting a worldwide challenges to harassment of every kind.


Hollaback! is all about your right to be you: a person who never has to take it or just keep walking, but one who has a badass response when s/he’s messed with. Someone who knows that s/he has the right to define her/himself on the street instead of being defined by some creep’s point of view. Because none of us are as simple as a list of physical attributes. We have a right to be who we are, not who we are told to be. We have a right to define ourselves on our own terms when we walk out the door, whatever that means that day. That hour. That minute.
Because if street harassment is considered acceptable, then so is gender and race based violence. And that is just simply unacceptable.


Interested in knowing more about the international Hollaback! movement? Visit their website.