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Get Creative when you Hollaback

“Start reciting Mel Gibson’s freedom speech from “Braveheart.” Check out some interesting and creative ways to respond to street harassment from

Between Laughter and Tears

A very interesting short documentary by Amber Deniz Altan about the mistreatment of women in Turkey told through a series of interviews. In Turkish with English subtitles: [youtube][/youtube]

We’ve Come a Long Way, Ladies

Sometimes it feels as though things will never change, but take a look at these old advertisements from 40+ years ago. Change can be slow-going, but if we work hard enough we can make a difference!

Walls are Not Tumbling by M.P.

Walls Are Not Tumbling He said “When you pay too much attention to your looks, you give a message.” I said “What message?” He didn’t clarify. I said nothing for the next few minutes, kept looking at him in jaded disbelief and asked: “Why do you think a woman wears a miniskirt?” He said he … Continued

Comic Breaks New Gender and Sexuality Ground

World, meet Khaos. According to the ‘About’ page it  “contains so many issues I can’t even really list them. Some of the things you may find here include: Gays, lesbians, those weird bisexuals everyone is talking about, faggotry, homophobia, transgender issues, dubious consent, body issues, abuse, hate and most important of all, a big old … Continued

New Community Corner Post!

Do you think street harassment effects the way you treat strangers in public? One of our Canimiz Sokakta’s volunteers does! Check out this piece on how she thinks her street experiences have changed the way she views others .

An Effect of Street Harrasment by Anonymous

It’s noon on a sunny spring day on Istiklal Caddesi.  I’m walking quickly down the street, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible with my headphones in and eyes straight ahead.  I notice a grinning young guy a few meters ahead motioning and saying something.  Rolling my eyes and mentally ticking a box next to … Continued

Photos of Headscarves in the Turkish Parliment

There was a flurry of excitement and attention in the Turkish parliament today, with female lawmakers attending a parliamentary session wearing headscarves for the first time in a very long time. People should be able to present themselves how they wish in public without fear of reprisals or discrimination. Link via