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Comic Breaks New Gender and Sexuality Ground

World, meet Khaos. According to the ‘About’ page it  “contains so many issues I can’t even really list them. Some of the things you may find here include: Gays, lesbians, those weird bisexuals everyone is talking about, faggotry, homophobia, transgender issues, dubious consent, body issues, abuse, hate and most important of all, a big old … Continued

New Community Corner Post!

Do you think street harassment effects the way you treat strangers in public? One of our Canimiz Sokakta’s volunteers does! Check out this piece on how she thinks her street experiences have changed the way she views others .

Romani Women’s Fellowship Opportunity!

For those interested and involved in Roma communities in the Mediterranean, Balkans, and Eastern Europe, check out the link for an interesting fellowship opportunity for Romani Women:

Call for Volunteers!

Canimiz Sokakta is looking for motivated and passionate volunteers to be a part of our movement to combat street harassment. Volunteers are encouraged to follow what they are passionate about, but we are especially looking for those who can help in the following ways: translating English/Turkish, writing posts for our Community Corner, and helping manage … Continued

Anne’s Story: “My instincts are always to fight”

Recently I have been staying in my studio in Karaköy. This is an industrial area which is deserted at night. We are directly next to the Turkish Central Bank–which has installed surveillance cameras every 3 meters along the length of our street. Usually I do not come home late or walk home alone. However, last … Continued

Silence is a Choice

Check out Canimiz Sokakta Kacie Kocher at the Tedx Reset this April in Istanbul, speaking on gender, choice, and the role of foreigners. Watch it, tweet it, share it. All of us at Canimiz Sokakta are super proud!     Silence is a Choice

Anti-Street Harassment Awareness Month is Here!

It’s finally April! We are promoting Anti-Street Harassment Awareness this month! All around the world, men and women will raise their voices against street harassment! Check out some great anti-harassment messages here, and get i nvolved! Be a part of this movement by joining the international Hollaback! Tumblr campaign; write down your message, take a picture of … Continued

Hollaback Comic Book!

Hollaback! Philly is create a comic book about fighting against street harassment! Their supporters raised over $7,000 to help them make it happen. Here’s more on the comic book: Lets get some creative ideas like that here!  

Canimiz Sokakta in “A Week in Our Shoes”

Did you miss this earlier this year? We made it in the international Hollaback’s “A Week in Our Shoes” where the international Hollaback, where they highlight groundbreaking accomplishments for their sites around the world. What did we do you ask? Programs Director Ezgi Cincin joined journalist Alyson Neel to discuss street harassment on Ahaber. Watch the … Continued