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Get Creative when you Hollaback

“Start reciting Mel Gibson’s freedom speech from “Braveheart.” Check out some interesting and creative ways to respond to street harassment from

Walls are Not Tumbling by M.P.

Walls Are Not Tumbling He said “When you pay too much attention to your looks, you give a message.” I said “What message?” He didn’t clarify. I said nothing for the next few minutes, kept looking at him in jaded disbelief and asked: “Why do you think a woman wears a miniskirt?” He said he … Continued

An Effect of Street Harrasment by Anonymous

It’s noon on a sunny spring day on Istiklal Caddesi.  I’m walking quickly down the street, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible with my headphones in and eyes straight ahead.  I notice a grinning young guy a few meters ahead motioning and saying something.  Rolling my eyes and mentally ticking a box next to … Continued

Street Harassment in Photos

Philadelphia area photographer, Hannah Price, documents her street harassment experiences in this powerful photo series of the men who have harassed her: (Link via Buzzfeed)

Menstruation is Nothing to be Ashamed of!

Last week a father proudly shared on Facebook the news that his daughter had gotten her first period and he was immediately attacked online by people who believe that menstruation is something to be ashamed of, rather than proud. Here is an answer (written in Turkish) to them from our own Canimiz Sokakta volunteer, Irem … Continued

Notes on Leaving Turkey by DLS

I’ve been here for almost three years, I’m getting ready to leave here in a few days and I just thought that I could share some parts of my notes/experiences on Istanbul. These are tips, complaints, comments, but to me, they are just jokes. That’s how I made it through every day being a visibly … Continued

“You, Cover your eyes”

In Iran a woman has been reported to have beat up a cleric who asked her to cover herself up. Since the revolution of 1979, women are asked to cover their hair and body curves with loose clothing and police patrol the streets to protect religious values and “preserve society’s morals and security”.  More on … Continued

Egyptian Street Harassment Murder

Here is the story of a young egyptian woman who was brutally killed after reacting to a man groping her in the street.  Street harassment has lately become a major issue in post-revolution Egypt and activists are demanding to be heard: the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights already sent a draft law to the president … Continued


CATCALLED is a writing project about street harassment that took place in New York in August 2012. During 2 weeks, participants wrote daily posts about their experiences of harassment. Currently it’s still going strong with pieces about women’s vulnerability, power, objectification and safety in the street. Check it out at

“Not Your Baby” Iphone App

Another step in the use of mobile technology against harassment has been taken: the Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children in Toronto (Canada) helped release an Iphone application called “Not your baby” which provides victims of harassment with prompt responses, chosen depending on the setting and the identity of the harasser. Check out the … Continued

New Research: Depressing

New research shows that women speak less than men when a group collaborates to solve a problem. The amount of time that women spoke in group projects was significantly less than their proportional representation – adding to less than 75 percent of the time that men spoke. “When women participated more, they brought unique and … Continued

Bayram in Cairo

What did you do during Bayram? Like most people, you probably enjoyed your vacation talking strolls with your friends around the city. In Cairo, during the three days of Bayram (Eid al-Ahda in Arabic), not everyone could enjoy their free time: 727 cases of sexual harassment were reported. And most of them happened in front … Continued