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Did you hear the news?

The Equal Opportunities Commission of the Turkish Assembly (Meclis Kadın Erkek Fırsat Eşitliği Komisyonu) presented a report which evaluates the new constitutional law regarding gender mainstreaming. For the details of the report, check this link.  


We are up trying to win a Changemakers award which would bring us to the next level in fighting street harassment. Read our project here: and nominate us by signing up here ( and submitting a very short nomination form. You’ve been so wonderful, and we’d love your support for this! A big thanks … Continued

Hollaback Istanbul selected by Worldwide Visionaries!

Canimiz Sokakta: Hollaback! Istanbul was selected by Worldwide Visionaries, because our work against harassment is progressive and inspiring. You can check out our project here ( and look up other projects from around the world too!

Green Dot: I’ve Got Your Back

We introduced our Green Dot Campaign: I’ve got your back at the 2012 Istanbul Pride Parade. Check out our photos: and if you have more, post them to our facebook wall! This is only the beginning for our I’ve Got Your Back campaign, so if you’re interested in learning more click here ( OR and you can … Continued

Help Out with the Green Dot Campaign!

We are excited to start our new Green Dot Campaign which gathers stories and support from the community–you know, those people standing next to victims of harassment and harassers. Do you have some extra time this summer and want to make a meaningful difference? Let’s make one together! Email us: [email protected]

English Story Sharing this Sunday! Molly’s Cafe 4-6 PM

anımız Sokakta holds two Story Sharing events for those who have experienced street harassment to share their stories and get support from a psychologist and lawyer Canımız Sokakta has been providing a virtual space for victims of street harassment to interact and share their stories on the website That belief in the importance of … Continued

Hollaback! International Expansion

Last week, the global Hollaback network expanded t0 8 new cities which makes our total Hollaback network more global than ever. We are fighting strong in 52 cities, in 17 different countries, speaking 9 different languages. Meet the Leaders from our new Branches

Story Sharing this Sunday 4-6 P.M.

Canımız Sokakta Legal Counsel Nihan Guneli said in a written press statement: “The important problem in issues of street harassment is that victims lack knowledge about their legal rights. This meeting is instrumental in beginning the larger process of sharing your stories, not only to get psychological help, but to also be informed about your … Continued

Culture and Law

Today’s Zaman writer William Gallimeyer asks and answers the question, Is harassment cultural? He writes, “Misogyny is a global social disease that no country has “solved.” It’s not a competition, a bragging contest or a zero-sum system; we’re in this together. A world without sexism and harassment will be a rising tide that lifts all … Continued

We’re in the News!

Today’s Zaman writes about our Miss Representation screening held during International Anti-Street Harassment week in March. Read Alyson Neel’s article: “Put the Remote Down: A Call to Arms Against Sexist Media” and her take on our Miss Representation showing.  AND… Turkish website OdaTV writes about how we’re a real answer Turkish women can turn to. … Continued

Hollaback Istanbul: Helping you when you travel

Check out this great article by Istanbul resident David Joshua Jennings about how to avoid street harassment when traveling. The piece features advice from Canimiz Sokakta director, Kacie Lyn Kocher.