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Photos of Headscarves in the Turkish Parliment

There was a flurry of excitement and attention in the Turkish parliament today, with female lawmakers attending a parliamentary session wearing headscarves for the first time in a very long time. People should be able to present themselves how they wish in public without fear of reprisals or discrimination. Link via  

Justice for Gezi Park

Protesters are attempting to get justice for some of the brutal acts, including threatened rape, that took place during the Gezi protests. Link via Hurriyet daily news  

New research: Depressing

New research shows that women speak less than men when a group collaborates to solve a problem. The amount of time that women spoke in group projects was significantly less than their proportional representation – adding to less than 75 percent of the time that men spoke. “When women participated more, they brought unique and … Continued

Check out this list of 5 reasons to beware Feminist Men

From it’s ‘it’s against their nature’ to ‘women like bad boys’, this list tells us to beware of men who support equal voting rights and equal pay, to beware of men who think it’s important to help out with housework and childcare. They tell us that male feminists are ‘traitors to their own cause’. Well, … Continued

Creeper Move Cards

In the US, Spain and Argentina, there are projects that show red and yellow cards to abusers and harassers when people are harassed on the streets. Here are the cards:   Many see this as a non-confrontational way to approach  a harasser. You could carry around a stack in your backpack or purse and hand … Continued

One hundred Stories and Going Strong!

We’ve collected over a hundred stories of street harassment. You can’t just look at our map and say there’s not a problem with street harassment. Bring light to that problem and share your story and ask your friend to share their stories today!

Martha’s Story: It made me feel ashamed

I was going to school by foot. It was 9am, a Monday in October. Suddenly, a car crossed my way. “Everything’s normal,” I thought. But the same car came again, in the other direction. And it came a second time! Eventually, the car drive stopped a few meters before me on the pavement. I was … Continued