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Between Laughter and Tears

A very interesting short documentary by Amber Deniz Altan about the mistreatment of women in Turkey told through a series of interviews. In Turkish with English subtitles: [youtube][/youtube]

Anti-Street Harassment Truck in Beirut

Tell us what you think – could this work in Istanbul? Check out this video of a truck roaming the streets of Beirut with speakers playing pre-recorded messages mocking some of the common taunts used to harass people in public. (via

‘678 : Street Harassment in Cairo

Check out this interesting Egyptian film ‘678’ about the issue of street harassment. The film follows three women with different socioeconomic and religious backgrounds who cope with the daily reality of being harassed in public on the streets of Cairo. The film is in Arabic and has English subtitles, but unfortunately no Turkish subtitles!  [youtube][/youtube]

Viral Video Shows Absurdity of Victim Blaming

“It’s Your Fault!” Check out this hilarious viral video from India that spoofs the patriarchal notion that survivors of sexual assault could have prevented their attacks by dressing or behaving differently.

Silence is a Choice

Check out Canimiz Sokakta Kacie Kocher at the Tedx Reset this April in Istanbul, speaking on gender, choice, and the role of foreigners. Watch it, tweet it, share it. All of us at Canimiz Sokakta are super proud!     Silence is a Choice

Canimiz Sokakta in “A Week in Our Shoes”

Did you miss this earlier this year? We made it in the international Hollaback’s “A Week in Our Shoes” where the international Hollaback, where they highlight groundbreaking accomplishments for their sites around the world. What did we do you ask? Programs Director Ezgi Cincin joined journalist Alyson Neel to discuss street harassment on Ahaber. Watch the … Continued

Check out Hollaback Istanbul’s New Green Dot Campaign Video

This movie documents women’s experience of sexual harassment in public areas in Istanbul in the form of stories recited by men. The stories were previously submitted on The movie is a part of the bystander-intervention campaign called “I’ve Got Your Back!” (Arkani kolluyorum!) that is brought to you by Canimiz Sokakta and Green Dot. We chose … Continued

Hollaback Baltimore Otakon Interview

Street harassment happens everywhere. No matter what you wear, what time of day or where you are heading. This video is proof. Hollaback Baltimore interviewed the attendees of July’s Otakon at the Baltimore Convention Center and they had plenty to say about street harassment. They were getting it from strangers back home AND from Baltimore, … Continued

Hollaback Brussels in Belgium Tries to Tackle Street Harassment

A documentary called, “Femme de la rue” came out showing with an undercover camera how pervasive street harassment can be in Brussels. Now the debate is booming, and Hollaback! Brussels is responding to the media, and presenting other stories of harassment to give a fuller picture of the problem. Two major policies are coming out … Continued

From Cairo to Istanbul we say ‘Enough’ to Street Harassment!

Recent assaults on female protesters reinvigorate a campaign to end sexual harassment in Egypt. A 2008 survey by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights found that 83% of Egyptian women and 98% of foreign women had experienced harassment.  It takes both men and women to stand together against harassment. Watch their story and show your solidarity by … Continued