How Can I take Action?

Here are three steps to move from bystander inaction to a bystander IN ACTION! (1) Notice what street harassment looks like, (2) Notice what keeps you from acting, (3) Pick a Green Dot that works for you!

What you might notice…uh, is that street harassment?

·      Comments about someone’s appearance, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

·      Vulgar Gestures

·      Sexually Explicit Comments (e.g., “Hey baby, I’d like a piece of that”)

·      Leering

·      Whistling

·      Barking

·      Kissing Noises

·      Following someone

·      Flashing someone or exposing oneself

·      Blocking someone’s path

·      Sexual touching or grabbing (e.g., touching someone’s legs, breasts or butt)

·      Public masturbation

Holy crap…that’s awful…I’ve got to do something…but….

·      I’m shy

·      I don’t know what to do

·      I don’t want that dude to touch me

·      What if no one else has my back?

·      What if I’m calling it wrong?

·      I don’t want to get my butt kicked

·      I’m late

·      Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that’s rude, maybe the target is into it

·      My friends would think I was a freak for saying anything

·      That super cutie sitting across from me definitely won’t ask me out if I make a scene on the subway

·      No one else is doing anything

·      There are a lot of them and only one of me

·      If I tell the cops, they may not help

·      I have to walk this way every day – if I call them out I may see them again

·      Am I over reacting?

·      That’s my friend saying those lewd things…

It can be really hard to have someone’s back, even when we really want to. The good news is, that doesn’t make you a crappy person – it only makes you human!  More good news (that’s right, there’s more) – no matter what makes it hard, there is almost always something you can do that will feel manageable to you!

Badass Bystander Moves

In the moment…..

Direct Green Dots

·      Hey knock it off”

·      Tell the person you will call the cops if they don’t put that thing away.

·      “Are you ok”

·      Go stand next to the person being targeted so they know they are not alone.

·      Ask the target, “Are they bothering you?”

·      Take a picture with your phone

·      Look disapprovingly at the person doing the harassing behavior

·      Offer to get off at the next stop with the target and catch the next train together.

·      “Get away from her/him”

·      Don’t join in or laugh.

·      Loudly say “ugh, that is so gross”

·      Talk to your friend later about why you thought what they did or said was uncool

·      Ask the target if there is anything you can do to help

·      Tell the harasser you saw some cops on the corner and you are worried they will get in trouble if they don’t stop.

·      Tell the target that the harassing behavior wasn’t ok and you are sorry it happened.

Delegate Green Dots

·      Find the Foreman on the construction site

·      Call the police

·      Tell a transit authority worker

·      Yell “Somebody do something!!!!!”

·      Get a group together to intervene

·      Text a friend who is on the subway (dolmuş, metrobüs, etc.) with you and ask them to HELP!

·      Make eye contact with some other bystanders and ask, “What should we do to help?”

Distract Green Dots

·      Ask for directions

·      Offer the target your seat

·      Start a flash mob

·      Act like you know the target and say “I’ve been looking everywhere for you – we have to hurry to meet our other friends”

·      Drop your bags to create a commotion

·      “Accidentally” spill your coffee

  • A note about safety: We don’t ever want you to get hurt trying to help someone. Always think about safety and consider possibilities that are unlikely to put you in harm’s way (e.g., calling 155 , getting a group together, etc.)