What’s a green dot, and how do I make one happen?

A green dot is just a moment in time when you make a choice to be actively and visibly intolerant of street harassment.  A green dot is your chance to show that street harassment sucks and isn’t ok with you, to show targets of street harassment that you’ve got their back, and to show everyone in your life that you expect them to do their part to make the community safer.

Two things are necessary for street harassment to happen: 1) a person or group who chooses to harass someone and 2) a community of bystanders willing to let it happen.  When we start replacing moments of bystander inaction with moments when we have each other’s backs, we will make our vision of a daily life without street harassment a reality.

Thinking really hard about how awful street harassment is isn’t going to make it go away. Action is the only thing that will.  And once you’ve acted, tell your story on canimizsokakta.org.  You’ll inspire others to take action, and give hope to those who experience street harassment regularly that people like you are out there, and ready to have their backs.