Turkish 101

How to Protect Yourself on the Streets with a Few Simple Words

We’ve put a little something together to give you confidence in the street even if you’re not confident in you Turkish.

Vocabulary for your records:
– Yok / Hayır, both of which mean “No.”

– İmdat / Yardım Edin! which mean, “Help!”

– Çek elini! / Dokunma bana! which means “Get your hands off me.”

– Şikayetçi olmak istiyorum –“I want to file a complaint”

– Polisi gidicem / Polisi arıyorum – “I am calling the police”

– Beni elledi – “He touched me / groped me”

– Rahat bırak beni – “Leave me alone!”

– Git başımdan! which means “Get away from me!”

– Çekil! also means “Get away from me!”

– Yapma! which means literally “Don’t do that!”

– Polis! Fortunately, this word is the same in English and Turkish.

-Ayıp is shame in Turkish and a very strong word.

This video was completed generously by our volunteers and a local filmmaker supporting our cause. Comments or questions? Email us: [email protected]