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Walls are Not Tumbling by M.P.

Walls Are Not Tumbling He said “When you pay too much attention to your looks, you give a message.” I said “What message?” He didn’t clarify. I said nothing for the next few minutes, kept looking at him in jaded disbelief and asked: “Why do you think a woman wears a miniskirt?” He said he … Continued

An Effect of Street Harrasment by Anonymous

It’s noon on a sunny spring day on Istiklal Caddesi.  I’m walking quickly down the street, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible with my headphones in and eyes straight ahead.  I notice a grinning young guy a few meters ahead motioning and saying something.  Rolling my eyes and mentally ticking a box next to … Continued

Call for Volunteers!

Canimiz Sokakta is looking for motivated and passionate volunteers to be a part of our movement to combat street harassment. Volunteers are encouraged to follow what they are passionate about, but we are especially looking for those who can help in the following ways: translating English/Turkish, writing posts for our Community Corner, and helping manage … Continued

Notes on Leaving Turkey by DLS

I’ve been here for almost three years, I’m getting ready to leave here in a few days and I just thought that I could share some parts of my notes/experiences on Istanbul. These are tips, complaints, comments, but to me, they are just jokes. That’s how I made it through every day being a visibly … Continued

Taking Control By Alyson Neel

A couple nights ago I was ambushed by a group of teenagers. While it was the most invasive and violent form of harassment I’ve suffered yet, the night ended with me feeling the most empowered I’ve ever felt after being harassed. I’ve lived in Istanbul – on both the Asian and European sides – for … Continued

Submit your Green Dot Stories!

Do you have a story where you stood up to someone when they were being harassed? What about when someone stood up for you and helped you get out of an annoying or dangerous situation? Write your story today to help support our “I’ve got your back” campaign. Every green dot is a story of … Continued

Proud, Pride and Harassment – By Kacie Lyn Kocher

When I first began to discuss bringing a Hollaback branch to Istanbul, I received unexpected support from almost everyone I spoke to. Yet, a few shining exceptions to that general support revealed just how big of a problem we were and continue to try to tackle here in Turkey and in the world. We are … Continued

Bystanders in Action – by Mariah Pittman

I cannot think of a single female friend in Istanbul who has not faced verbal or physical harassment in the streets of this incredible city at least once. Whether it was my friend who was trapped in a minibus after all the other passengers had exited before her stop and the driver refused to stop … Continued

Superficial Priorities by Gillian Morris

Earlier this year a political scientist named James Q. Wilson passed away. He was best known for his ‘broken window’ theory, which said that if a window in a house was broken and left unrepaired, soon all the windows in the house would be, and crime of all types would increase. If the window were … Continued

Anonymity and Accountability – By Abigale James

I remember the first time I got unwanted attention from a man. I was about 12 and walking to the corner shop to pick up butter for my mother. A man in a truck slowed down and started whistling and then began speaking Spanish to me. I was confused and unsure of what he wanted … Continued

The Vagina Monologues by Maggie Hunter

As I walked away from the Saturday night showing of the acclaimed “Vagina Monologues” at the Mekan Artı theater in Istanbul, I felt inspired, intrigued, a little Vagina-ed out, and content. I’ve been trying to catch the “Vagina Monologues” for a while now. They’d come and go to my university over the years, but I … Continued

Large, Deep and Serious: Sourcing Street Harassment

By Olivia Henry, writer and Canimiz Sokakta: Hollaback! Istanbul volunteer Last year, Nancy Leong wrote an entry for the Feminist Law Professors blog in which she criticized Hollaback’s response to street harassment: Scrolling through the Hollaback forums, one quickly notices that the vast majority of photographed harassers appear to be men of color, poor, possibly … Continued

Turning 25 by Kacie Lyn Kocher

In just a few days, I will be turning 25. I actually never bring up my age, especially holding a leadership position in a place where I have experienced age discrimination in many different environments. Yet, I am out in the open for this post. You may ask, Why do I bring it up? Well, … Continued