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What Valentine’s Day Says about Women, Men, and Street Harassment

by Kacie Lyn Kocher, Founder and Director You know it’s coming. You saw those New Year’s decorations being traded out for red hearts weeks ago, and now we’re down to the wire. Valentine’s Day. A polarizing day of romance, solitude, expectations, lust, and gifts; a day you either love or love to hate. This commercial … Continued

Yasemin Gültekin: Can anyone hear the silence?

Can anyone hear the silence? I am on the subway that carries thousands of people to Istanbul’s most crowded center every day. Sitting next to me is a transsexual woman, sporting a chic skirt. Standing right across us are two tourist men, blatantly staring at the woman’s legs – so blatantly that even I am … Continued

Occupy Istanbul, Occupy Safely

By the Canimiz Sokakta Team Today we see a global movement for economic justice and democratic ideals and as a global movement against street harassment, we totally dig it. Canimiz Sokakta, like all the Hollaback movement, stands for people’s right to be safe from violent language or actions in all places. Whether walking to school, … Continued

Community Corner Needs You!

Hey there hollabackers! We’ve had a great first couple of months, and the response has been absolutely terrific. We’ve seen an explosion of stories, both on this site and our sister Turkish site, and a whole heck of a lot of community support. Not only has Hollaback! reached Istanbul through this website, but we’ve also … Continued

Finding Myself on the Street by Kacie Lyn Kocher

Kacie Lyn Kocher is the Founder and Director of Canimiz Sokakta: Hollaback! Istanbul. Just the other day I presented to a group about Hollaback! Istanbul; what we are, who we are, and where we’re going. An overall success, it was one of those intimate and interactive atmospheres where people felt open, interested, and actively listening. Going … Continued