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Story Sharing this Sunday 4-6 P.M.

Canımız Sokakta Legal Counsel Nihan Guneli said in a written press statement: “The important problem in issues of street harassment is that victims lack knowledge about their legal rights. This meeting is instrumental in beginning the larger process of sharing your stories, not only to get psychological help, but to also be informed about your … Continued

Culture and Law

Today’s Zaman writer William Gallimeyer asks and answers the question, Is harassment cultural? He writes, “Misogyny is a global social disease that no country has “solved.” It’s not a competition, a bragging contest or a zero-sum system; we’re in this together. A world without sexism and harassment will be a rising tide that lifts all … Continued

We’re in the News!

Today’s Zaman writes about our Miss Representation screening held during International Anti-Street Harassment week in March. Read Alyson Neel’s article: “Put the Remote Down: A Call to Arms Against Sexist Media” and her take on our Miss Representation showing.  AND… Turkish website OdaTV writes about how we’re a real answer Turkish women can turn to. … Continued

Istanbul Prepares for International Anti-Street Harassment Week, March 18-24

March 18-24 is International Anti-Street Harassment Week and is a time for the world to stand up together and say, “Street Harassment is Wrong.” Last year, marches took place in Cairo, Kabul, Washington, Philadelphia, Delhi and other cities around the world. And we at Canimiz Sokakta: Hollaback Istanbul are planning our own events in Istanbul for the … Continued

Hollaback Istanbul: Helping you when you travel

Check out this great article by Istanbul resident David Joshua Jennings about how to avoid street harassment when traveling. The piece features advice from Canimiz Sokakta director, Kacie Lyn Kocher.

Canımız Kampüste Meets Students from Sabancı, Fatih and Istanbul University

Hollaback! Istanbul’s newest Venture: Canımız Kampüste – a campus specific method of combating street harassment. From the Press Release: “We’re entering universities to promote discussions and transparency about harassment that happens on and off campus. More than that, students learn how to respond to harassment and stand up for others at university and use these … Continued

Hollaback! Istanbul Research Results

Globally and in Turkey, street harassment is one of the most pervasive forms of gender-based violence, yet one of the least legislated against. Due to the prevalence of physical and verbal harassment in public spaces, Canımız Sokakat conducted research on the nature of street harassment in Istanbul. We wanted to see understand street harassment beyond the numerous stories … Continued

Director Kacie Lyn Kocher in Young Feminist Wire

According to Canimiz Sokakta Director Kacie Lyn Kocher: “ Throughout my education, I remember learning history, which until now has been the stories of rich, dead, white men. No longer; young activists of all genders, races, and classes have take to the internet, and are more represented online than most any other demographics in society, at … Continued

Canımız Kampüste in Hurriyet Kampüs!

Our Canımız Kampüste program made the front page of Hurriyet Kampüs. Read about what we’ve been up to during this fall semester! TACİZ-KAPAK (1) (Cover) TACIZ (Story)